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Transforming the Lviv Central City Library “Lesya Ukrainka” in a community space!

We all know that the library is the heart of the community. It is more than a place where you can borrow books or where you can read in peace. The local library is the perfect place for developing ways to grow the community or for meeting new people with inspiring ideas!

In order to transform the library branch in a community space, Lviv Central City Library “Lesya Ukrainka” started to plan the needed steps for this process and has also created discussion spaces for community members.

In order to develop a community space in the library, PLACH’s partner from Lviv, Ukraine, started to held different kind of presentations for the locals. Through the lectures, seminars and other non-formal educational meetings, they want to promote the library as the perfect place for new ideas and networking. Lviv Central City Library “Lesya Ukrainka” focuses on creating a comfortable place to educate and grow the community, transforming the library into a safe space where people from the area can get together, have fun and relax.

Public Libraries As Active Citizens Hubs focuses on the development of the active citizenship skills in 6 communities from 3 countries, by setting out a network of public libraries and NGOs that will support the creation of public spaces for active citizenship learning and practice. In the process, stakeholders from Romania, Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine, countries with relatively limited democratic experiences, will learn how to set up partnerships, collaborate, and share good practices for cultivating the civic spirit in their communities.

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