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Welcome to Occupy Library!

The success of libraries of the future depends on the way they understand and engage in their local and regional ecology of institutions and initiatives supporting democracy and meaningful lifelong learning processes of the general public.

Occupy Library brings together the innovating ideas that are implemented in libraries in the Central, Eastern European, Black Sea, Caucasus, and Caspian regions. The conference will provide a virtual space for sharing good practices and support best ways to make libraries more involved in their communities.

Come with us and join the librarians’ community at the Occupy Library Conference. 

Occupy Library 2022

We invite you to Bucharest to the second edition of the international conference: Occupy Library 2022 – The E+Libraries On The Rise! that will take place on 2nd & 3rd of June 2022!

Libraries can have a leading role on the path to sustainability, that’s why we will label them E+Libraries. E+ stems mainly from a new ECOLOGY of life, where less is consumed and more is shared. Libraries play a very important role in shaping more sustainable and responsible societies, not only by educating people, but also by becoming centers for testing new economic models, innovation and technology. We will welcome a great variety of contributions which showcase the endeavor of libraries for promoting circular economy and sustainable communities.

A group of impactful people gathers online for three days-long experience. Welcome!
Case Studies
Access to the conference and case studies presentations of your choice. Stick around for inspiring ideas from our speakers exclusively at Occupy Library.
Ignite Talks
Short 5 minutes talks meant to make the audience interested on an idea that is worth sharing.
Engaging community in rethinking, repurposing and remanufacturing, recycling
When we focus on communities, we start from the social-economic reality of community members. As we engage them in learning about building a better future for themselves and their community we can, and often do, encourage them into redesigning their future.
Empowerment for repair, reuse and recover
Community development and strategic planning see community resilience as a key success factor. Helping local actors, institutions, decision makers, and regular citizens to employ skills related to repairing, to develop reuse and recovery strategies is such an important effort.
Educating for a sustainable Planet
In many communities around the world youth signaled their determination to change how we use the planet’s resources through Fridays for Future. Libraries and CSOs have also picked up the challenge and have been focusing their resources and strategic decisions to contribute to raising awareness about the climate challenge. Contributing at local, regional, national and international level to all 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals, libraries and CSOs have been educating all generations towards responsibility and community building.
Occupy Library

Occupy Library will take place online & live, in Bucharest.

About the event
The first edition of Occupy Library, that took place in September of 2020, brought together the innovating change-makers and their ideas, that are implemented in libraries in the Central, Eastern European, Black Sea, Caucasus, and Caspian regions.
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