Occupy Library 2022
The E+Libraries On The Rise!
We believe that libraries & NGOs/CSOs can have a leading role on the path to sustainability, that’s why we will label them E+Libraries. E+ stems mainly from a new ECOLOGY of the ECOSYSTEMS, where less is consumed and more is shared.


Sustainability has at its core a new way of seeing the economic exchanges and growth: the circular economy. More exactly, it means working with and preparing the communities to be in line with the 7R method: rethink, redesign, repurpose, reuse, repair, remanufacture, recycle and recover.

A Hybrid Event
Meet us Virtually and In Person!
Themes & Sessions
Libraries, NGOs and CSOs play a very important role in shaping more sustainable and responsible societies, not only by educating people, but also by becoming centers for testing new economic models, innovation and technology.


Main Themes

Libraries and NGOs/CSOs will share with us their new or future services, tell us how they advocate for SDGs implementation and how they are making this planet a better place.
We are expecting stories about libraries & NGOs/CSOs' plans to tinker with existing resources and create spaces for new ideas to take form.
We invite libraries and NGOs/CSOs to tell us how they are changing the traditional culture into one that rethinks its future.

Types of Content

Innovative stories shared in 15 minutes, with 5 minutes Q&As
Ignite Talks
Prerecorded fabulous stories, shared in 5 minutes, with 5 minutes Q&As
Open-themed interactive sessions of 90 minutes
Interactive sessions of 30 minutes or more
Fab/ funky sessions of learning & sharing ideas with other innovators.
Fab & Keynote Sessions
Our Fab Speakers and Keynote Speakers are ready to share their innovative ideas with you.