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Occupy Library 2022 – The E+Libraries On The Rise!

In June 2022 we invite you to Bucharest to the second edition of the Occupy Library Conference: Occupy Library 2022 – The E+Libraries On The Rise!


Libraries can have a leading role on the path to sustainability, that’s why we will label them E+Libraries.

E+ stems mainly from a new ECOLOGY of life, where less is consumed and more is shared. Libraries play a very important role in shaping more sustainable and responsible societies, not only by educating people, but also by becoming centers for testing new economic models, innovation and technology.

In 2022 we expect you to Occupy Libraries with concepts like: environment, equity, engagement, empowerment, empathy, entertainment, economics. All in an E+Library extravaganza that will elevate your excitement and bring some well-deserved euphoria.

We will welcome a great variety of contributions which showcase the endeavor of libraries for promoting circular economy and sustainable communities.


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Next Library Festival is here!

Next week we’ll join the incredible community of innovators who’ll celebrate life and libraries at the Next Library Festival 

Next Library Festival 2021 will be a free online event, with an unique mix of keynotessessionstalks, social events and surprises! 

It will run 24 hours on June 3 starting at 8 am (UTC+2) following the sun around the planet to the next morning 8 am (UTC+2)



Book your free ticket now!

We look forward to meeting you there and and to have fun with all of you!


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Registration is open! Join us at Occupy Library 2020

Tickets for our formative/funky/fab/free-of-charge conference are here! Follow the steps below:

First Step: Go to!

Open your personal computer, make sure that you are connected to the internet, and access this link: You wil see the reception page of our conference. Now, the next step is clicking the big blue button that says "Join Event"!

Second Step: Get an account!

You will be redirected to a "Create an Account" page. Now is time to fill the blanks and your personal information (name, e-mail) and choose a password. At the end, press the big blue button, that says "Sign Up".

Third Step: You've got your ticket!

Now you are in! See you on 22-25 September!

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The selection has ended and it is time to check your emails!

Innovative force and creativity were the two elements that linked all the proposals, and even if it was a tough work, we believe that we have managed to gather the most outstanding pieces. A big thank you to all the contributors who’ve shared their wonderful ideas with us!

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A big thank you to all the contributors!

We received wonderful proposals from 17 countries around the globe, and we are currently in the process of selecting the best content. So, don’t forget to keep an eye on your e-mails – you’ll be getting news from us on the 15th of August!

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We are back with good news! We launch a new call for proposals for our formative/funky/fab/free-of-charge conference Occupy Library 2020!

The hard times we are all going through have shown us, again and again, the importance of communities. Let’s join our forces: we prepare a cosy online platform for meeting passionate professionals, you prepare a unique presentation, and let us meet online at Occupy Library, September 22-25!

Starting today, June 1st, we look forward to hearing about your great ideas and experiences in building, helping and strengthening communities. Here are the main topics of the conference:

1.      Serving communities in times of crisis

2.      Partnerships for strong democracies

3.      Active citizenship in analog and digital format

4.      Emerging tech trends to empower communities

5.      Public spaces and community engagement

If your favourite theme is not among these, don’t worry – we welcome proposals for open-themed interactive sessions, to cover other topics relevant to libraries and NGOs. The form of the session can vary from panel-discussions to interactive workshops of practical Labs, so you get to choose the theme, the speakers, and you also are in charge of moderating the session.  

If you have an inspiring story, an interesting project, an insightful case study, or just a fabulous idea, send it to us by August 1st

On August 15, when we announce the selection results, we hope to see you among the Occupy Library 2020 speakers who will share their thoughts and experiences with the online crowd.

Join us! Share your know-how with your peers and help us bring technology and innovation in our libraries!

For questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at!

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Come Join Us at Occupy Library 2022

The success of libraries of the future depends on the way they understand and engage in their local and regional ecology of institutions and initiatives supporting democracy and meaningful lifelong learning processes of the general public.

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UPDATE! Occupy Library 2020 Registration is postponed!

Because of coronavirus (COVID-19) amplitude, OCCUPY LIBRARY 2020 registration is postponed!

Coronavirus epidemic compels us to take precautions regarding public health, which is why we postpone the registration until March 30th, or until the news regarding COVID-19 will be more encouraging.

In the meantime, we are monitoring updates from the European Union, the World Health Organisation and other relevant bodies. We will provide another update on March 30th, and hope we will give you great news about the conference.

For questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at!

Be safe!


  1. Do you think to cancel the conference? We keep going with the organization of the event and hope everything and everyone to be safe.
  1. When will you give us news? We will provide another update on March 30th the latest.
  2. Where can we find updates? Keep on eye on Facebook and website. For urgent questions you can send us an

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And soon the fun begins…

Great news, dear friends: we received wonderful proposals from 15 countries, and we are now in the process of selecting the best content! A big thank you to all the contributors, and don’t forget to check your e-mails on the 15th of February!

Join us in this  formative/funky/fab conference!

Early Bird registration starts on the 10th of March.