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About Bucharest

Depending on your interests, before you visit you might want to (re)visit bits of history, or perhaps learn about the substantial modernist legacy of Bucharest architecture, or even compare the current post-traumatic feel of the city to what it might have looked to some of the creators of Dadaism.

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Great news, dear friends: we received wonderful proposals from 15 countries, and we are now in the process of selecting the best content! A big thank you to all the contributors, and don’t forget to check your e-mails on the 15th of February!

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Occupy Library ® 2020 is an independent event organized by the Progress Foundation with the support of Next Library® and in co-operation with the Occupy Library Steering committee, in partnership with The National Library of Romania and Goethe-Institut, conference partners and sponsors.


Case studies, workshops and ignite talks on partnerships for strong democracies, active citizenship in analog and digital format, emerging tech trends to empower communities, and public spaces and community engagement.
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You’ll have access to a variety of talks. You’ll also get the opportunity to experience curated round tables and workshops and special ignite talks and networking sessions. Sound good so far?

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