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Building networks of allies – recordings and support materials of the webinar

Tuesday, 13th October, at 10:30 EEST time Ovidiu Hristu Condurache, Venture Representative at Ashoka Romania, facilitated a fantastic webinar on how to start building lasting connections with organizations and people from our community. We got to meet Cynthia Ong Gaik Suan, Ashoka Fellow, and learn about the amazing job she does at Forever Sabah, and we decided that we want to do more, to be together, and to do more together.

Here’s the recordings and support materials of the webinar.


Building networks of allies - free webinar for the Occupy Library Innovators HUB community

Click here to view or download the slides!

Occupy Library Innovators HUBWorkshop
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Public Libraries and Civil Society Organisations Together: the key is at Occupy Library Innovators Hub’s events!

Following the global success of the Occupy Library 2020 conference – where over 750 participants met and got inspired by the 95 speakers from 25 countries around the world –  the Occupy Library Innovators Hub project continues to shape the role of public libraries in their communities. The series of free, online, share & learn events, for CSOs and public libraries, is getting started on Tuesday, 13th October, at 10:30 EEST time. Ovidiu Hristu Condurache, Venture Representative at Ashoka Romania, will share the key of a successful connection and the different types of partnerships that help libraries reach their goals. 

Join the webinar “Building networks of allies” by registering here: https://forms.gle/pF6G3ZM2TDmRRjuY8

Libraries have a unique role in their communities, as they can act as neutral spaces for initiatives, projects, and collaborations to emerge and flourish. To make this happen, we need to instill trust in each other and build lasting connections with organisations and people from our community. In order to unlock a successful future, public libraries need to understand their position in the local and regional ecology of institutions and initiatives, that support meaningful, lifelong learning processes for the general public. 

Progress Foundation is inviting all curious librarians and CSO professionals – from Central and Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Black Sea, and Caspian Sea regions – to join the Occupy Library Innovators Hub’s events!

About Occupy Library Innovators Hub
The Occupy Library Innovators Hub project is implemented by Progress Foundation Romania, in partnership with Сentre for Cultural Management (Ukraine), Library Association of Ukraine (Ukraine), EduAct (Greece), Library Association of Moldova (Moldova), National Library of Moldova (Moldova), Ashoka România (Romania) and National Library of Romania (Romania) in the framework of the "Black Sea NGO Forum Sub-granting Scheme For Activities That Support The Development Of CSO Regional Networks", within the project „Building CSO Capacity for Regional Cooperation within the Black Sea Region”, implemented by the Romanian NGDO Platform – FOND with the financial support of the European Union. The network establishment will organize online webinars and sharing events (October 2020 - March 2021). During the project, case studies and best practices will be documented and compiled in a comprehensive collection to be made available online to all interested stakeholders.  The goal of this endeavor is to provide support for public libraries to contribute to active citizenship and life-long learning in their communities. Moreover, by implementing the project in 5 countries and creating a community of practice among library and CSO professionals, this project aims at learning about the best ways to bring libraries from the region into a professional network through which they can implement shared projects. 
About Progress Foundation
Established in 1996, Progress Foundation is an experienced Romanian NGO that pilots local initiatives in the field of education/training, (e-)inclusion and community development, and then scales it up, at national level - as innovative and impactful best practices. Progress Foundation’s projects are developed using county and local libraries as lifelong learning hubs and social innovation centers, to reach out to any social group and/or citizen, especially the most marginalized ones. Starting with March 2016, Progress Foundation is privileged to be a member of FOND – the Federation of Romanian Non Governmental Organizations for Development.

For further details:

Anca Râpeanu, Project Manager occupylibrary@progressfoundation.ro