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Recording of Sharing Café: Welcome to Romania!

“Welcome to Romania! Sharing Café”, Wednesday, 21st of October was a great opportunity to learn about the Romanian context and opportunities, get info about local initiatives, and discover how libraries and CSOs can make the world better! During these 90 minutes, we explored and discussed concrete examples of library-CSO partnerships from Romania with the help of our guests: Anca Pop – Cluj County Library, Alina-Mihaela Nicola – Vâlcea County Library, Ovidiu Ana – Progress Foundation, Ioana Crihană – National Association of Public Libraries and Librarians from Romania (ANBPR), and Maria Kovacs – Volum Association, and our facilitator Ruxandra Miuți – National Library of Romania.


Sharing Cafe: Welcome to Romania! - free sharing session for the Occupy Library Innovators HUB community

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