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Libraries Transform Communities through Dialogue. Workshop with Ellen M. Knutson and Svetlana A. Gorokhova

In this workshop, the presenters will introduce and advance librarians’ skills in convening and facilitating community conversations on issues of importance to their communities. Using deliberative dialogue, a neutrally moderated forum for people to come together with the goal of finding a shared direction to take based on what the group holds valuable, this workshop will help people explore the tensions in these issues, identify what they value, work through tough choices, and seek areas of common ground for action.

Ellen M. Knutson – Portland, Oregon based research associate at the Charles F. Kettering Foundation where she is a key member of the research team comprising Russian and US colleagues developing libraries as centers for public dialogue and deliberation. She is an adjunct assistant professor at the School of Information Sciences at the University of Illinois where she teaches a course on international librarianship to students in the online Master’s program. Knutson also serves on the advisory committee for the American Library Association’s Center for Civic Life and served as a trainer for the Libraries Transforming Communities initiative. Knutson received her MS and PhD in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a BA in Political Science from Reed College. She has written articles and book chapters on libraries as a community institution including: “Libraries and Community Engagement: From Informing to Engaging” in National Civic Review, “Libraries and Ecology in Post-Soviet Russia” in Advances in Library Administration and Organization: Culture, Context and History in the Post-Soviet World of Information Institutions, Resources and Practices, and “New Realities: Libraries in Post-Soviet Russia” in Library Trends.

Svetlana A. Gorokhova – Director for International and Educational Activities at the Margarita Rudomino All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature (LFL), where she supervises professional development programs in partnership with educational institutions in the U.S. and Europe and implements overall coordination of international activities of this federal library. She is Russian Library Association Governing Board Member and coordinator of RLA Section for International Cooperation. Since 1996, Gorokhova has facilitated joint research activities of the LFL and the Kettering Foundation, including a 20-year initiative: Library as a Community Center, uniting 7 regions of Russia—activities that served as the focal point for the first two U.S-Russia Dialogue meetings in March 2017 and May 2018. Currently, she also coordinates projects featuring the libraries of all sizes and types as agents of international communication. The workshop was part of Occupy Library 2020 event.

The workshop was part of Occupy Library 2020 event, and is suitable for all of those who wish to explore a trans-national experience of active citizenship and the role of libraries in partnership with NGOs in facilitating constructive dialogue.

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A Journey Into Active Citizenship, Parallel Experiences From Moldova, Romania and Ukraine

Hear about the journey of librarians and NGO partners from Moldova, Romania and Ukraine into active citizenship! Mike Waldron, who has worked with the partners on their journey will highlight some key principles that can be supportive of active citizenship in communities and will explore some myths and highlight some of his own experience of 25 years in building international community based coalitions. Let’s watch our partners from libraries and NGOs telling the story of their own journey into active citizenship, exploring such topics as the role of design thinking in community development, developing a message for effective advocacy and planning and delivery social action.

Mike Waldron is an independent consultant, working in the area of inter-cultural literacy, dialogue, cultural relations and diversity. With a wide range of experience, his work encapsulates over twenty years of engagement with minority communities, disadvantaged and disaffected youth, public policy, training and program design.

The workshop was part of Occupy Library 2020 event, and is suitable for all of those who wish to explore a trans-national experience of active citizenship and the role of libraries in partnership with NGOs in developing hubs, and subsequent social action.

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Registration is open! Join us at Occupy Library 2020

Tickets for our formative/funky/fab/free-of-charge conference are here! Follow the steps below:

First Step: Go to Hopin.to!

Open your personal computer, make sure that you are connected to the internet, and access this link: https://hopin.to/events/occupy-library/. You wil see the reception page of our conference. Now, the next step is clicking the big blue button that says "Join Event"!

Second Step: Get an account!

You will be redirected to a "Create an Account" page. Now is time to fill the blanks and your personal information (name, e-mail) and choose a password. At the end, press the big blue button, that says "Sign Up".

Third Step: You've got your ticket!

Now you are in! See you on 22-25 September!