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Physical activity – medicine for health

Public library of the territorial community” of Katerynopil Village Council


With the help of the project “Physical activity-medicine for health it was necessary to solve the problem of rehabilitation of the elderly community.


Elderly people received Nordic walking sticks to walk and recuperate.

Nordic walking greatly improves physical and mental well-being, increases the release of endorphins 5 times, normalizes the central nervous system: improves sleep, well-being, improves performance, helps to overcome depression; affects posture, improves the feeling of balance and coordination, strengthens the vestibular apparatus; up to 90% of all muscles of the torso are trained at the same time (all muscle groups of the leg, thigh, arms and shoulder girdle, abdomen work; muscles of the neck, back and chest muscles additionally develop), the body’s defenses are stimulated, immunity is increased ; pressure and load on the knee joints and spine decreases. Nordic walking strengthens the musculoskeletal system, does not require special training and has virtually no contraindications.

So what?

38 seniors aged from 50 to 83 years actively engaged in Nordic walking, and gained material support with appropriate equipment. In addition to walking, the group is engaged in breathing exercises, which is relevant during a pandemic. The activities encourage communication of group members, leading to dissemination of relevant information about life in the community and promotion of a healthy lifestyle in the community.

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