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Discovering the whole world through the The “G.T. Kirileanu” Neamț County Library

Discovering the world can be time consuming and can involve a lot of challenges, especially in the times that we live in. But the library is and has always been the opened door to another world. Only here, the cultural facets and the knowledge of the mankind can be freely accessed!

Focusing on multicultural education, the “G.T. Kirileanu” Neamţ County Library created a space for learning foreign languages and discovering other cultures, by developing volunteer opportunities and discussion events for the youth of the community. 

The “G.T. Kirileanu” Neamţ County Library, a partner in the Public Libraries As Active Citizens Hubs project, opened the door to the multicultural perspective of the world!

Wanting to help the community develop its knowledge and to promote the Foreign Book Branch, the library started to create and implement an action plan for the active citizens. With the help of a group of volunteers, Neamţ County Library is creating a dedicated space for learning about foreign cultures and languages, through special events organized for the community – such as workshops, trainings and presentations.

Public Libraries As Active Citizens Hubs focuses on the development of the active citizenship skills in 6 communities from 3 countries, by setting out a network of public libraries and NGOs that will support the creation of public spaces for active citizenship learning and practice. In the process, stakeholders from Romania, Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine, countries with relatively limited democratic experiences, will learn how to set up partnerships, collaborate, and share good practices for cultivating the civic spirit in their communities.

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