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Pro-active EU

Europe Direct Gorj Center from ”Christian Tell” Gorj County Library


Citizens were not fully aware of their power as active citizens to change their society, the future of their communities.


30 public librarians were trained and later organized 30 workshops with 300 citizens from Gorj county. 

By building a network of 30 European information multipliers at the county level, public librarians became a bridge to the citizens. These multipliers were involved in the exercise of rights, simulation of voting process and recognition of the result in order to encourage the citizens in their communities to get involved in the voting process of the Elections for the European Parliament Members. They also learned how to deliver quality information about the EU and its communication policies and priorities and how to contribute to the promotion, protection and consolidation of democracy in their communities.

So what?

By the contribution of Gorj county public libraries, the turnout for the 2019 MEPs was higher than in the past. The project encouraged citizens to participate in the Elections for the European Parliament, to be part of the process of shaping the future of Europe and of our own country and the future of their communities, thus becoming active citizens who know that partnerships are the best way of achieving sustainable communities.

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